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BlueHome - connecting the house with Watson IoT

Ever thought on connecting your home to a cognitive system? I gave it a trial! Here a brief description on how I made it work.
Within the house we have different protocols, being IEB for the house appliances, MiLight to control the colour of the lightning, a specific datalogger for the solar panels, Sonos for audio, and some IP cameras. My focus for this experiment was to connect in the first place with the EIB bus. The diagram bellows outlines how the connection is realised.

Cloud revised and from Cloud to Singularity

As published in the liber amicorum of Prof. dr. H. Jaap van den Herik, Tilburg University, 29 Jan 2016

The path of continuous innovative ICT research by Jaap van den Herik and my path of remaining ambition to start a Ph.D. crossed in Rotterdam, back in 2008. Since that initial discussion I have the honour to work on my Ph.D. under the supervision of Jaap van den Herik for a period of almost four years. The research subject of Cloud Computing was new at that point in time. Now, four years later, the landscape has changed already. The pace of innovation and change in information technology is high, therefore I like to amend our initial findings with the following two conclusions: (1) Cloud revised and (2) Cloud to Singularity.

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