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I am Bart, father of the family. Below some details and pictures from work, family and hobby.

  - Colour: Blue
  - Sport: Ski, Aviation
  - Dream travel destination: Antarctica
  - ...


I work in the ICT sector.
Bart Bogaert   Bart Bogaert
Picture taken by the company for an article in a newspaper   The mobile road warrior, going to the next challenge    
OO-TOY   N5417J
Ready for departure from Kortrijk   ... from Las Vegas North    


Below some of the activities I try to do (thus when not working as usual):
Puzzle   Liesbeth baby  
Playing with Liesbeth (6y), here building a car with bricks   Dreaming with Liesbeth (0y)   Cold ?
Bart Bogaert   Toledo   Jakarta
To Travel: Just enjoy ski!   To travel, Here a picture with Toledo (Spain) in the background.   To travel: Indonesia, Jakarta
Mt. Fuji   Mt. Fuji   Sofia
To Travel: Japan, Mt Fuji   To travel: Coming back from the Mt Fuji summit   To travel: Bulgaria, view on Sofia from the hills around
Royal Palace, Bangkok   Chang Mai   Elephant ride
To Travel: Thailand, royal palace at Bangkok   To travel: Thailand, Chang Mai   To travel: Thailand, Chang Mai   website
    Building websites, just like this one   and others ...