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I am Liesbeth, first child in the family!

Languages: Dutch (native), German (native)

About myself

Below some pictures of me:

Tiger   Angel   Artist
Me as a dangerous tiger!   Angel   Artist at work
School   Painting   Birthday party
Going to School   My award winning painting from pre-school   Birthday party!
Ski   Ski medals   Ski 2
I love Ski   Gold medals for the champion   Ski at -20 degrees Celsius? No problem!
Artwork dreamcar   Artwork Eastern   Cat
Artwork: Dream - car   Artwork: Eastern   Pussy
Verjaardag   Birthday party   Nijntje
at the birthday party from Isabel   Birthday party   Nijntje
Liesbeth Flute   Liesbeth Bogaert   Sunset
flute   Naples, FL   Naples, FL